ENRICH ME Booking Terms and Conditions

Booking Process

Parents can use their schools booking system to book onto any ENRICH ME course, the slot will be reserved for 48 hours, to allow for payment. If payment is not received in this time, the student will be removed from the course, to allow space for other interested students.

New Joiners to Programme

We offer a 10-day money back guarantee for students who sign up to a programme, following this time, no refunds are available.

ENRICHME Programmes (excluding 1 to 1 instrumental lessons)


Parents are required to pay the full term fee upfront to reserve a spot for their child. Payment can be made securely through our online payment portal.

Trial Period:

The trial period begins on the first day of the programme. During the first 10 days, parents and students can experience the programme fully.

Money-Back Guarantee:

If, within the first 10 days, parents are not satisfied with the programme, they may request a refund. The request for a refund must be made in writing, by phone call, or via email to our School Partnership Manager.

Refund Process:

Refunds will be processed within 20 days of receiving the refund request. The refund will be issued through the same payment method used for the initial payment.

Withdrawal After Trial Period:

After the 10-day trial period, no refunds will be issued for withdrawal from the programme.

Programme Commitment:

If parents choose to continue after the trial period, they are committed to the full term, and no further refunds will be provided, however a credit can be applied to any other ENRICH ME programme should a student wish to leave a programme after the initial 10 days.

Programme Changes:

In the event of unforeseen circumstances leading to programme changes, we will work with parents to find a satisfactory solution.

Contact Information:

For any inquiries or refund requests, please contact the relevant School Partnership Manager

1 to 1 instrumental lessons


Parents of students in Year 1 and above, can sign up and pay for a trial lesson, for their child to try out an instrument prior to committing to a term of lessons. * All FS students must complete a complimentary 10-minute trial lesson to assess that the chosen instrument is accessible to them, before a series of lessons can be booked.


Parents are required to pay the trial lesson fee upfront to reserve a trial for their child. Payment can be made securely through our online payment portal.

Continuation of Programme:

If parents would like their child to continue with lessons, following the trial period, they should contact their School Partnership Manager to confirm the place and pay the upfront fee for the remainder of the term.

Cancelled Lessons

Any lesson cancellations will be communicated via our communication channels as soon as is practically possible. Occasionally, if out of our control this can be at short notice. We encourage parents to ensure email information provided is kept up to date and accurate.

Unforeseen circumstances within ENRICH ME’s control If the session is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances e.g. coach illness or unavailability, or lack of facility availability then make up sessions will be offered. Makeup sessions will be offered as soon as possible (dependant on coach and session availability).

ENRICH ME will endeavour to offer the makeup session in the same term, however if this is not possible, it will be offered in the following term.

Make Up sessions are valid for active ENRICH ME students, if you leave the programme, the credit for make ups will be held until such time that you re-enrol, at which time they can be availed.

Unforeseen circumstances outside of ENRICH ME’s control (e.g. school closures due to weather, moon sightings, unexpected holidays) No refund or credit will be given.


If a student misses a lesson through illness, a makeup session is offered on submission of a valid medical certificate.

Clash of School Event/ENRICH ME event

If a student is invited to participate in a school or ENRICH ME event (school trips, invitational galas, select squads) and this clashes with a school or ENRICH ME event they will be offered a maximum of one make up session per term to compensate.

Rescheduled Makeup classes

When make-up lessons are due from ENRICH ME, we will strive to offer as many convenient make-up times as possible, however, lessons will be structured around coach availability and coach to participant ratios. If a student fails to attend a rescheduled lesson, no further make up session will be offered.


All Sessions are non-refundable, except when a student leaves the school.

Term 1 ‘Make Up’ sessions will be carried forward to Term 2 and 3 for all active members (still participating in an ENRICH ME programme) Students who leave the programme will have the credit from cancelations from ENRICHME kept on account until they re-join, (valid for the present academic year) and this will then be deducted from their session, this applies to any session across ENRICH ME.